Dori Polk Books - Confessing truth through fiction
I am thrilled to have you explore my site. Dori Polk Books is an evolving endeavor into the world of young adult fiction written from a Christian perpective. I am an unpublished author aspiring to create stories that reflect God working in our everyday lives, encouraging young people to allow Him to become an integral part of their daily experiences.
Young people face many challenges today, and my hope is to portray some of these challenges through endearing, yet flawed, characters.  In my writing, faith and family become the stronghold for these characters.
I write from the Catholic perspective with a reflection of the faith in Christ all Christians share.  Through God's unfailing grace, Christ carries us through our most trying times.
I invite you to join me on my journey to create quality writing from a Christian point of view.
Note: Site is a "work in progress."
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